A story of Nature

Meet the forager

Hi everyone!  I am Courtney, the artist behind The Forager.  From the time I was young, I have admired the beauty of flowers and tried to preserve them.  I started out pressing flowers in books and today I am able to create jewelry from real flowers!  The jewelry I create has meaning; it is something that connects the wearer to nature.  Each piece I make is crafted with love and lots of laughter.  My family plays an integral part in my creative process— some of my jewelry is even made with flowers my little boys have picked for me.  In the summer, my husband and I take our boys on lots of nature walks to collect wildflowers and plants. Each plant I use in my jewelry is either collected locally, here in Minnesota, or collected from places I have traveled to.

When I am not collecting flowers to create unique jewelry pieces, you can find me taking care of my boys on the farm.  I enjoy cooking and baking new dishes for my family.  I’m also a big fan of :

  • folksy music

  • getting buried in a good book

  • breakfast with loved ones

  • and searching for treasures at local farmers markets


Are you someone who likes to stop and smell the roses, too?  Let’s keep in touch. 

Our Philosophy

Why wildflowers?

I love the sentiment behind them. So many are looked at as weeds. Unwanted and unloved. Yet they thrive. Often in the worst dirt and blistering sun. They rise. They bloom. They don't care that some think they are weeds. They turn their face to the sun and smile.


I always felt a kinship to such plucky little blooms. I want to be like them. Bloom where I am planted no matter the conditions. Have beauty inside no matter what others think of me. There is such heart to their story and I want always to remember that and carry it close to my heart. Thus this jewelry.

The Process

It starts with the flower. Each one is handpicked and preserved over the course of 1-3 weeks. From there design begins. First the frame is chosen then the organics are carefully arranged to create a beautiful piece of one of a kind art. Layers of resin are applied to front and back with 12-18 hours of cure time for each layer. After fully cured pieces are hand drilled and assembled into the final product.

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